Built by developers for developers

You don't only need a Node, but also great node hosting service in order to ease your ETC Blockchain Development. And this is exactly what we offer.

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Created with reliability in mind

Ethernode service is first of its kind and we build our service with Node hosting reliability in mind.

Latest GETH client

We ensure all our nodes run on the latest Ethereum Classic Go-Ethereum(GETH) Client created by ETC Dev team.

Built with sputnikVM

Run GETH with ETCDev's latest sputnikVM.

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Ethernode's hardware is build 100% in house and distributed across the globe in carefuly selected data centers

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Nodes around the world

We understand that developers come from all around the world, therefore we are working hard to have as many data centers around the world as possible hosting our own hardware.

99.99% Up Time.

We took it a step further and created a backend enviroment so your nodes stay up over 99.99% of the time.

We build it. You rock it.

Host your ETC Node with a click of a button and build the next greatest dapp on the ETC blockchain.